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Do Rich Men Marry Poor Women?

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Do the Rich marry the poor?

Imagine you are a Christian woman. You work an average paying job, live in a middle class neighborhood, and have manage to put a few dollars away. Now, imagine you meet a Christian man, you hit it off immediately, and you date for 6 months. He asks you to marry him but one thing sticks in your craw- he makes less than you do. Both incomes combined would result in a comfortable lifestyle, but you're ashamed to admit that you wish he were  more financially stable.
Now, imagine you notice a new member has joined the church. He  smiles at you and appears to be a very nice person. He's a well known gospel artist, drives a Bentley, and lives in the most influential neighborhood in town . Do you  have a chance? 
Before you call her a gold-digger, Sociologist, Brad Wilcox's study on the Christian family states 35 percent, of the female population at large, believes whether or the husband is the primary breadwinner is an important factor in the their happiness. 
What prompted this whole topic were 3  sincere questions sent in by one of our readers. She writes:
1) Is it possible for someone rich to marry someone who is not?
2) Are relationships defined by economic class?
3) Do both parties involved have to have the same status in order to  date or even marry?
...I would like to hear others response to these questions
So what about it readers...do the classes mix?

This poll has been closed. The results are posted below:

If you were (or are) financially well-off would you marry someone who was poor?

  (votes: 23) Yes

: (votes: 43) No

: (votes: 37) Maybe



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